In 2012 two friends, both DJs and producers, were misjudged for the music they had not yet written. They broke away from their everyday life and dove into the world of music. SInce then, they have been continuously followed on the internet. But they help club-goers and music lovers that are looking for new things. They don’t always want to be taken too seriously, but their fans willingly do take them seriously. So if you have the problem of finding new music, just look for… “Karera”!

A new label was born. The raising fathers of the project are no uncommon names nowadays! On March 19th 2012, Andlee and Beatamines decided to leap right into the music business with their modern and extravagant ways of production and the – then still very small – Karera Records. From this moment on they belonged to a new wave of producers and artists that would establish themselves in the music world in the following years. The first tracks available  in stores were “Feel” be SoKool and “Come Home” from Benn Finn. But the first noticeable popularity and attention was reached through Andlee’s “Take More” and the simultaneously released free track “Take Care” by SoKool. Starting that day, there was no looking back for the Karera fathers. The label began to grow and relished in digital output and the success of several top ten placings of their vinyl releases. Through many various artist appearances to this day, Karera has expanded artistically very quickly. Proven through the addition to the already existing team of Kollektiv KlagGut  as well as Ryan Dupree from Berlin. Just one year after being founded and after just one year of hard work, the birthday record “Karera One Yeah!” rocketed upwards like no other and ensured international recognition and the entry into the DDC. Today, in 2014 and over a year later, Karera wants one thing foremost: to offer new things for music lovers and club-goers, to experience the future together and to give them the gift of fun, party and the joy of music through their artists.

“We are honored by the trust and love we have received from our fans”

And last but not least, there is one more thing that needs to be said: “Karera loves it, when a record works out!”